Our Staff

Kerry Nagel – Senior Minister – ph. 0438 733 752

Kerry is our Senior Minister. Apart from the general oversight of the church, he has specific responsibility for the 8.30 a.m. Sunday meeting and the church preaching and bible study program. Kerry is married to Jenny and they have three adult children.

Philip Selden – Honorary Pastor – ph. 9997 3250

After retiring twice (from medical practice and as Registrar of the Diocese of Sydney) Philip is now an honorary member of the pastoral staff, with particular responsibility for Traditional Church. He is married to Pru and they have 3 adult children and 4 grandchildren.

Marcus Druitt – Associate Minister – ph. 0403 972 631

Marcus is one of our Associate Ministers – he is married to Helen and they have three children (Milo, Connor and Lenny). Marcus is the minister of Warriewood Anglican Church and the chaplain at Warriewood Brook Retirement Village. Marcus enjoys keeping fit by riding his bike.

Ben Molyneux – Associate Minister – ph. 9971 1048

Ben is married to Yvette and has four children – Jordan, Bailey, Lily & Willow. Ben is responsible for overseeing our Morning & Night Church congregations at our Narrabeen site. Ben is also involved in the Jelly Wobbles outreach ministry into local schools. He loves spending time with his family, loves any kind of sport (usually watching these days….) and looks forward to the occasional sleep in when the grandparents have the kids!

Neil Souter – Associate Minister – ph. 0434 830 113

Neil is married to Lou and they have three children, Sam who is 6 and Ivy who is 4 and Eli who is 1. He is the pastor at Saturday Church and Arvo Church. He loves to go fishing with friends but rarely catches fish!

Tony Bradford – Associate Minister – ph. 9972 9786

Tony enjoys family life with wife Gina and teenage daughter Jemma and seeing sons Nathan and Jake, daughter in law Bernie and grand daughter Eve. Tony represents St Faith’s as a Chaplain at RSL Life Care ‘War Vets’, which has over 1450 residents and 400 staff, he shares this responsibility with Uniting Church Chaplain Bob Durbin. Tony is an associate with ‘God’s Squad’ (motor bike club) and is enthusiastic about classic Harleys and Indians and reaching out to bikers on the Northern Beaches.

Rosemary MacGregor – Women’s Ministries – ph. 8901 0377

Rosemary is responsible for organising and coordinating Women to Women ministries at St Faith’s. She leads one to one ministry and different growth groups for women. She is married to Peter and they have four children – Jack, Sarah, Molly & Timothy.

Mitch Everingham – Youth Ministry – 0425 385 875

Mitch has begun working in Youth Ministry at St Faith’s in 2015. He oversees our Friday night youth program ‘Soulies’; our Sunday morning program, ‘Soulies Revival’ for years 7-9; teaches scripture in local schools and is passionate about seeing the youth of the Northern Beaches know Jesus. Mitch loves soccer, surfing and any kind of food!

Ellen Stretton – Children’s Ministry – ph. 0422 550 588

Ellen has been involved with children’s and youth ministry since 2006 and has been an MTS worker in 2013 and 2014. She is a Welfare Worker at Narrabeen Sports High School and co-ordinates and supports our children’s ministry. This includes our weekend ministry programs: Sunday Club, Scribblers and Arvo Kids; as well our Friday afternoon programs: Lighthouse and Grommets, she also is one of the leaders for our Soulies Youth Community. Ellen, who has a degree in Social Work, is currently doing a post graduate diploma in Divinity and is looking to do her masters at Sydney Missionary and Bible College.

Mandy Nabb – Office Manager – ph. 9971 1048

Mandy has been a member of St. Faith’s church for 13 years. Mandy and her husband Vernon have two adult children. The church office is open from Tuesday to Friday 9am – 4pm.

Wardens – 2016

Tim Harpur, Brad Duce and Lyn Butcher.

Parish Council – 2016

Stuart Neilson, David Tucker, Paul McDonald, Bob Saville, Peter MacGregor and Ali I’acobbe.